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After a night spent camping in the high mountains of Colorado, we found ourselves packing
To Log Hauling & Low Bedding

Students have the option of dividing their training hours between log hauling and lowbedding or focusing all hours in one area. Number of hours are determined on a student need.


Advanced Work Ready Driving Techniques:

  • Advanced shifting techniques (mountainous terrain)

  • Troubleshooting air system/electrical/mechanical

  • En-route inspections

  • Card lock etiquette/safety

  • Preventative maintenance

  • How to position and back up single trailer or combination trailers

  • Scale etiquette

  • Driving fully loaded single trailer or combination units

  • Night driving

  • Advanced highway cornering

Lowbedding and Log Hauling Driving Techniques:

  •  Truck and trailer configurations (tandem and tridrive; tandem and tridem/tridem

  • Loading of logs and equipment

  • Basic machine operations (lowbedding only)

  • Load security and safety for single trailers or combination units

  • Onboard scales (proper weight distribution for single trailer or combination)

  • Loading/unloading techniques and safety procedures

  • Highway/mill scale etiquette and safety procedures

  • Mill yard etiquette safety procedures

  • Highway and off-highway driving

  • 2-way radio use and etiquette

  • Documentation

  • On-board electronics

  • Route planning

  • Department of Transportation regulations

  • Driving in extreme weather conditions (depending on season)


  • Drivers abstract

  • Successful completeion of ICBC Class 1 road test


Due to the fact that this is a custom course based on driver experience, pricing is unique to the individual.


  • Students are responsible for accommodation needs and meals during their training.

  • Students are responsible for travel requirements to and from Taylor's office.

  • Additional truck and/or instructor training will be billed at an hourly rate.

  • A schedule of lessons with the appointed times will be given to each student in advance.

  • 24 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for missed lessons. 

  • Missed lessons will be billed at an hourly rate.

  • Students are to be at the school or appointed pick up point 15 minutes prior to the lesson. 

  • Students must bring gloves and coveralls to all lessons unless previously discussed with the instructor.

  • Students are responsible for the regular cleaning of coveralls. 

  • At no time are the gloves or coveralls to be worn in the cab of the trucks. 

Additional Requirements

  • Learners License (must obtain before in-cab training)

  • Valid Drivers License (Class 5 or better)

  • Completed Medical Check (prior to or after road test)

  • Drivers Abstract

  • Safety Gear: Coveralls, Gloves, and Safety Glasses

Please note: training equipment may not be exactly as shown.

Course prices are subject to change without notice. 


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